We serve a  broad spectrum of clients.  Although most of our clients are traditional families with children and grandchildren, we provide estate planning services in a variety of situations.  We have made plans  for estates consisting of a few thousand dollars in cash. We have also made complex plans for estates of more than $20 million.  Most of our clients are people with modest estates who want to control what they have and preserve and protect it for their loved ones.

Trojack Law Office, P.A. has probated estates of all sizes. We have probated insolvent estates and estates of more than $9 million. Most of the estates we probate are modest in size and straightforward, not complex. Years of probate experience have given us the ability to probate estates quickly and efficiently- all with reduced costs to the estate.  We are dedicated to those we serve, and we are happy to provide our services to those who seek a counseling oriented law firm.